for School Entryways, doors and sidelites


Glass breaks easily

Harden your glass today


Anti-Intrusion Protection

for Curtain Walls & Lobby Glass



against dangerous glass shards and spall


All exterior

entryways and ground-floor windows can be hardened


How safe

is your glass?


Harden Glass

Against Forced Entry



Protect Against Forced Entry


    • HARDENED GLASS – Security Window Films substantially enhance building security by hardening glass doors, sidelites, windows, curtain walls and entryways against impacts and security threats, including someone determined to gain entry forcibly.


  • ENHANCE SECURITY – Hardening glass against attempted forced entry provides a significant impediment to anyone determined to gain access to a building under a school’s lockdown/lock-out conditions, allowing valuable time for the full implementation of other security procedures.

Watch our demo video to see for yourself the difference between typical glass and hardened glass in this video.  Florida Security Film will not disappoint with our hardened glass options!

hardened glass

Hardened Glass

Tempered and plate glass can break very easily causing dangerous shards and spall.  Security Window Film hardens glass against impacts and holds broken glass together once the glass is broken.

hardened glass

Combat Forced Entry

Security Window Film provides a significant deterrent and impediment to anyone determined to gain entry through a glass door, sidelite, curtain wall, window or entryway.

hardened glass

Enhance Security

Security Window Film contributes substantially to a building’s overall security structure, providing valuable time for the full implementation of other security measures, such as shelter-in-place procedures.

hardened glass

Get Certified

Security Window Film is extensively tested to demonstrate compliance with various state and federal requirements for the hardening of glass, including those of the General Services Administration (GSA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and others.

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